A token made for enjoying the high life.

HYLF token represents more than just an investment. It’s earning income while you do the things you want to do. Every token holder will enjoy consistent, passive yield income as our lending services and development projects continue to grow at a record-setting pace across new markets.

With yield returns in real estate, which can act as a potential hedge against inflation due to supply limits and its ability to act as a store of value, we’ve been providing investors in F Street with consistent income for over 15 years, and we’ve never once missed a payment.

Not ever.


F Street Lending

Our lending fund, which currently has $50 million in funds being used by real estate investors, is growing and looking to expand into additional markets. The HYLF token funds would further increase our ability to expand into these new markets and support additional loan requests.

F Street Development

Since launching our first investment deal, we haven’t stopped looking for the best opportunities for investors: 30+ development and acquisition projects and our recently launched industrial fund — all in a simple, streamlined investment format with over $250 million in assets managed.


For cash reserves sitting dormant prior to being deployed, we will be generating additional yield opportunities through stablecoin treasury investments.
Our lending services are taking off

We’re taking off. Get in now and start earning.

In 2021 we achieved our highest total of loans closed with 321 loans closed and over $40 million funded. This year, we’re on pace to go over 500 loans and reach $70 million in funding.

Plus, we’re acquiring land at a record pace and building new commercial real estate all across the United States. If you don’t have exposure to industrial or multifamily community assets, this is your opportunity to get involved.

Stacking HYLF tokens to earn passive income on your investment


Capital Raise

We are allowing for $10 million worth of HYLF token investment to be made during this raise period. Once reached, this investment round and opportunity will close.

Tokens Minted

As part of this capital raise, we will be minting just 10,000 HYLF tokens, each of which will have a value of $1,000.

Interest Income

Each token will carry with it a 7% annual return, which will be paid monthly to the owner.

Ownership Requirements

Purchased HYLF tokens will require a 2-year minimum hold, after which tokens can be sold or redeemed with F Street Blockchain for an initial value ($1,000) payout.
Smash the button to invest in HYLF

Smash the invest button.

The opportunity to invest in the HYLF token from F Street Blockchain won’t be available forever. With the growth and track record of our lending services and development deals, this is a no-brainer for those investors looking to secure consistent income on their investment, regardless of market conditions.

Smash the button to invest in HYLF

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