A token that strives to embrace the high life.

HYLF token represents more than just an investment. It’s earning potential income while you do the things you want to do. Every token holder has the potential to enjoy passive income as our lending services continue to grow and expand across the United States.

With the growth and track record of our lending services and development deals, this is an exciting opportunity for those investors looking for potentially consistent income regardless of market conditions. We’ve been providing investors with returns on their investments for over 15 years, and we’ve never once missed a payment.

Not ever.


The lending fund, which currently has $65+ million in funds being used by real estate investors, is growing and looking to expand into additional markets. The HYLF token funds would further increase our ability to expand into these new markets and support additional loan requests.

Our lending services are taking off

Our Business is Growing.

We’re offering the fund as an opportunity to invest in our growth potential.

In 2022 we achieved our highest total of loans closed with over 500 loans closed and over $80 million funded. This year, we’re projecting to eclipse $100+ million in funding.

Our lending services give investors the ability to diversify their portfolio with real estate and the benefits it can provide, without having to rely on the success of any one deal or project.

Building Blocks


Capital Raise

We are allowing for $10 million worth of HYLF token investment to be made during this raise period. Once reached, this investment round and opportunity will close.

Tokens Minted

As part of this capital raise, we will be minting just 10,000 HYLF tokens, each of which will have a value of $1,000.

Interest Income

Each token will strive to provide a 10% annual return, which will be paid monthly to the investor.

Ownership Requirements

Purchased HYLF tokens will require a 2-year minimum hold, after which investors can potentially trade their positions on the secondary market or redeemed with F Street Blockchain, LLC for the initial value ($1,000) of the token.
Smash the button to invest in HYLF

Smash the invest button.

The opportunity to invest in the HYLF token from F Street is available for a limited time. With the growth and track record of our lending services and development deals, this is an exciting opportunity for those investors looking for potentially consistent income regardless of market conditions.

Smash the button to invest in HYLF

Press / Yahoo! Finance

F Street Receives Capital Investment From High-Profile Joint Venture

Marc Lasry and Dan Rappaport Lead Team at Brighton With New Investment in F Street Private Lending Services

MILWAUKEE, WI / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2023 / F Street Investments (“F Street”), the lending division of F Street, is thrilled to announce a substantial capital infusion into its High-Yield Promissory Note Fund (“the Fund”) through Brighton Asset Management (“Brighton”). Investors and strategic advisors of the Brighton team include Marc Lasry, current CEO of Avenue Capital Group and previous owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, Dan Rappaport, the former CEO of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), and Joseph Rappaport, Director of Sales and Business Development at Sylvan Asset Management. The investment marks a significant milestone for F Street, emphasizing the trust and confidence institutional investors have placed in the Fund’s strategic vision and exceptional investment expertise.

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F Street seeks up to $50M for home lending business

Sitting at his computer in Milwaukee, F Street Investments founder Scott Lurie watched as a $50,000 pledge was made toward his firm’s latest raise by a resident of Huffman, Texas.

That came only a few minutes after F Street Investments’ offering went live on the national Securitize website, which vets and offers opportunities to an online pool of hundreds of thousands of accredited investors. F Street Investments is turning to Securitize as a broker and dealer as it looks to raise up to $50 million for its business providing loans for real estate companies to acquire and rehab homes.

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How Hard Money Lending Can Help Accredited Investors and Family Offices Achieve High Returns with Low Fees

Accredited investors and family offices face unique challenges when it comes to investing their wealth. They require investment options that provide high returns without the high fees typically associated with traditional investments. In recent years, alternative investments such as hard money lending have gained popularity among these investors due to their potential for high returns and low fees. In this blog post, we will provide a detailed overview of the features and benefits of hard money lending, tailored to the specific needs and pain points of accredited investors and family offices.

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F Street launches access to High Yield Fund on Polygon with help from Securitize Markets

F Street Blockchain, a division of investment company F Street Group (“F Street”), has announced access to their High Yield Fund through their all-new HYLF token offering. With Securitize Markets as the Broker-Dealer, a leading provider of blockchain-based securities issuance and management solutions, F Street is proud to bring this innovative investment opportunity to accredited investors across the United States.

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